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### The Shahabad Cooperative Sugar Mills: A Pillar of Haryana's Agro-Economy

**Introduction to The Shahabad Co-operative Sugar Mills**

Situated in the heart of Haryana, The Shahabad Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd. emerges as a beacon of agricultural and industrial success. Nestled on Shahabad-Ladwa Road, Chhapri, near Kurukshetra, this sugar factory not only stands as a testament to the region's agricultural prowess but also showcases the potential of cooperative enterprise in boosting local economies.

**Crushing Capacity and Technological Advancements**

With an impressive daily crushing capacity of 5000 tonnes of sugarcane and a co-generation capacity of 24 MW of electricity, The Shahabad Mills are at the forefront of technological integration within the agro-industrial sector. This not only signifies the mill's contribution to the sugar industry but also highlights its role in energy production, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency.

**Supporting the Farming Community**

The mill's impact stretches far beyond sugar production. Encompassing 375 villages within its reserved area, it supports 8977 growers who supply sugarcane, making it a pivotal part of their livelihood. The cooperative nature of the mill ensures that farmers are integral stakeholders in the industry, fostering a community-centered approach to agribusiness.

**Ethanol Production: Embracing Renewable Energy**

In a significant stride towards diversification and sustainability, The Shahabad Cooperative Sugar Mills have embarked on the ethanol production journey. This not only marks the mill's alignment with global trends towards renewable energy but also enhances its economic viability, ensuring a greener future.

**Community and Beyond**

The role of The Shahabad Mills transcends sugar and ethanol production. As a key employer in the region, it contributes significantly to the local economy. Initiatives like the Farmer Inquiry portal and various community engagement programs reflect the mill's commitment to transparency and farmer welfare. Moreover, the mill's efforts to clear cane dues promptly underscore its ethical business practices, fostering trust and loyalty among the farming community.

**Challenges and Opportunities**

Like any agro-industrial enterprise, The Shahabad Cooperative Sugar Mills faces its share of challenges, including fluctuating sugarcane prices, climatic vulnerabilities, and the need for continuous technological upgrades. However, the mill's proactive approach in addressing these challenges, coupled with its strategic initiatives in areas like ethanol production and energy co-generation, positions it well to capitalize on future opportunities.


The Shahabad Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd. is more than just a sugar production facility; it's a lifeline for the local farming community and a model of cooperative success. By balancing economic efficiency with social responsibility and environmental sustainability, it sets a benchmark for others in the industry. As it continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of the agro-industrial sector, The Shahabad Mills remains poised for continued growth and success, contributing significantly to Haryana's agrarian and industrial landscape.

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