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** Review: Assessing the Credibility and Risks**

In an era where the digital economy is thriving and expanding, the proliferation of online platforms, particularly in the cryptocurrency sector, offers vast opportunities but also significant risks. This brings us to, a relatively new player in the cryptocurrency exchange market. With its bold promise to offer trading in perpetual contracts, options, and various trading strategies, warrants a closer examination, especially given the red flags raised by its Trustscore and user reviews.

**Website Overview and Initial Impressions** claims to facilitate advanced trading in crypto assets, which could be an attractive proposition for traders looking for diverse financial instruments. However, initial impressions are dampened by a stark Trustscore of 1/100 on Scamadviser. This score, derived from multiple data points and algorithmic checks, suggests a high level of risk associated with the website.

**Credibility and Safety Concerns**

Several issues contribute to the low credibility score of

1. **Identity Concealment**: The website’s owner uses a privacy service to hide their identity. While this can be common among legitimate businesses seeking to avoid spam, it is also a tactic frequently employed by scammers to evade scrutiny.

2. **Low Traffic and Popularity**: The site has a low Tranco ranking, indicating it does not receive many visitors. This could be attributed to its newness but also raises concerns about its market presence and legitimacy.

3. **Shared Hosting with Dubious Websites**: The fact that shares its server with other low-rated websites is troubling. This co-hosting often suggests a lower standard of operational security and potential for risky or malicious activities on the server.

4. **Cryptocurrency-Related Risks**: The platform’s focus on cryptocurrency-related services automatically raises risk flags due to the high incidence of fraud and scams within this sector. The volatility and regulatory ambiguity surrounding cryptocurrencies make them a prime target for exploitation.

**Technical and Security Evaluations**

Despite these concerns, there are a few positives. The website has a valid SSL certificate, ensuring that data exchanged is encrypted and secure from interception. This is a basic but crucial feature for any website that deals with financial transactions.

**Consumer Feedback and External Reviews**

Alarmingly, has not garnered any user reviews, and there are several testimonies on the internet suggesting potential fraudulent activities. Reports from users such as Kasoc Irnini and Xomiyo on Scamadviser indicate experiences typical of Ponzi schemes, where initial investments are taken with promises of high returns that never materialize.

**Recovery and Recourse**

The presence of directions on how to attempt to recover funds suggests that previous users have encountered issues with the platform. Typically, recovery from such situations is complex and uncertain, involving steps like contacting payment processors or legal action, which do not guarantee success.

**Comparison with Industry Standards**

Comparing to more established cryptocurrency exchanges, the lack of transparency, combined with security and operational concerns, marks it as an outlier. Most reputable platforms pride themselves on compliance, transparency, and user security, areas where appears deficient.

**Future Outlook and Recommendations**

Given the current landscape and associated risks, potential users of should proceed with extreme caution. The low trust score, coupled with the shared hosting environment and hidden ownership, are significant deterrents. Prospective traders should consider these factors heavily when choosing a platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

For those considering this platform, it is advisable to start with minimal investments if at all, to test the waters before committing significant financial resources. Moreover, keeping abreast of updates from sites like Scamadviser and monitoring user feedback online can provide ongoing insights into the platform's legitimacy and operational status.


In conclusion, while offers enticing trading options for crypto enthusiasts, the plethora of red flags cannot be ignored. From operational to security concerns, the platform does not yet meet the standards required to earn consumer trust in the competitive and fast-evolving cryptocurrency exchange market. Investors are advised to seek out more established and transparent platforms to safeguard their investments and personal information.

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